Friday, October 23, 2015

"Let's go to the Movies" Party

Last month, we celebrated Ava's 6th birthday with a fun, "Let's Go to the Movies" party! We invited her ENTIRE class, most of which showed up... which made it wild, crazy and FUN! Last minute, I decided to hire a magician, which helped to corral the kids for an hour or so, before we released them to watch the movie... the parents stayed, huddled around the kitchen island, full of appetizers... and of course, the bar. A great time was had by all! Here are some pics of the party:

Each child had their own star (with their name), on the walk of fame

My kids ALWAYS get their own cakes, while I serve the party attendees cupcakes. This year's cake was super cute!

Dollar Store tablecloths as red curtains... money saver! ;)


Mini Photo Booth

Mini Photo Booth

6 never looked so sweet!

My first party thrown in Austin was a HIT! Looking forward to many more!


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