Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gone to Texas

Well look who's come back to her favorite form of therapy...ME! Calm down, calm down. I know you're excited but you really should sit down before you get yourself in a tizzy. 

Before I begin, I should also add that I recently replaced my ancient-ass Macbook with a fancy new one and it's simply BEGGING for me to type away with my un-manicured man hands. Hence, my re-entry to the blog universe. Seriously. Calm down!

You see, I stopped writing awhile ago, simply because I lost the time; everyday tasks, meetings, dates, outings with friends, work, charity work, etc. Amongst it all, I lost the time to sit down in front of "old faithful" and share some of life's everyday moments. This is code for: I HAD a life. Notice what I did there? I made an emphasis on HAD. Here's why...

Just last week we relocated our little family of four, cross country from Chicago to Austin, TX.

What prompted the move? Well basically, "the hubs" kicks ass at his job; he was asked to improve the sales of a new territory... which just happens to be TX, OK and MO. Technically, we didn't have to move, but the idea of "single-momming" it from M-F, while he traveled made me want to claw my eyeballs out. And quite frankly, he didn't like the idea of going all week without seeing us either, so it just made sense; I had to endure the constant traveling for a few months while we were in the moving process and it was BRUTAL.

But that's behind us. Today marks Day #8 that we've been in our new (rental) home... and day by day, little by little, boxes are getting unpacked and their contents are being assigned to their new places, nooks and crannies. We decided to rent while we get our feet wet; we need to take the time to find the perfect neighborhood, house, etc.

Ya know... It's a grueling process, to move. It's especially difficult moving halfway across the country. Add to that two young, hyper kids (a 3 and 5 year old) and you have yourself a recipe for an anxiety-ridden mother who wakes in the mornings, already looking forward to bedtime and a hefty glass (or bottle) of wine.

I'm not sure why this move is hitting me harder than ones in the past...? Maybe it's because I'm unloading the necessary items (CRAP) for not just one, but 4 humans.... and all of the other stuff (CRAP) that goes along with said humans. You wouldn't believe the amount of boxes I've blazed through, only to make a small, miniature dent in a mountain of cardboard . Or maybe it could be the fact that I've got two little rascals destroying everything I put away, as soon as I Put. It. Away.

Unpacking aside... moving is lonely. I have a few friends here but I don't feel like Austin is "home" just yet. I miss our friends. I miss our family. I miss our house. I miss it all. I know we will get settled and "fall in love with Texas" just like so many have said. I just need to be patient and let it happen.

The good news is we are just five minutes from the Galleria, three minutes from the Mothership (Target) and two minutes from Specs (the liquor store). Everything I need is under 5 minutes away. This didn't happen by accident people! We have priorities and I knew where the house needed to be.

I'm hopeful that I'll meet more people once the kids start their activities. The activities will be good for the kids too; their current daily schedule consists of destroying things and making forts with empty boxes, while driving me batshit crazy with their non-stop screaming. Job well done, kids. Mission accomplished. Mommy's toast.

I know... Wah Wah. To my defense, I haven't had an ounce of freedom in over 2 weeks. No preschool. No activities. All I hear all day is "Mom! Mommy! Maw-ma!". So many times that I often want to change my damn name. It reminds me of Stewy from Family Guy.

Gosh! Am I Debby Downer or what?!

Before I go any further, I should tell you: things aren't all bad! We've accomplished a lot in these eight days:
  • I registered Ava for Kindergarten. She is STOKED! And did I mention it's ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN?! Sweet lord... is it August yet?
  • We've toured 3 preschools and I've enrolled "Frick" and "Frack" in summer camps. READ: FREEDOM for Moi! Time to get back to Pilates, manis, pedis... and Pinterest-- the mother of all time-wasters. 
  • We are enrolling Jack at a darling preschool in the fall. This place is beyond precious. And even better, it's from 8:30-2:30... a far cry from the 2 1/2 hour break I got back home. 
  • Swim lessons are set up!
  • We found a high-schooler down the street that babysits! AND... she teaches horseback riding at a local barn/ horseback riding facility... Ava can't wait to start lessons!
See..?! You thought I was just laid up on the couch, crying in my giant chalice of vino, didn't you?! I'm doing alright actually.

Am I lonely? Yes. Missing home? Yes. Excited to see how our new life unfolds? Without a doubt!

I'm going to make it my mission to get acclimated to the area and get involved-- besides, I'm always better when I have a project! I've already signed up to join the Junior League of Austin, which I hear is HUGE-- boasting over 2500 members. I'm bound to meet some people as maniacal as me in that amount of women, right?! A girl can dream!

Once we get on a schedule I'm certain things will start to fall together... and we'll be feeling right at home. I'm looking forward to filling in that social calendar!


  1. I was wondering if you guys had moved yet and was hoping you are avoiding the flooding. Bummer about being in a rental but I totally understand why. And just think, you'll get all unpacked and settled and then you'll buy a house! :-)

    Congrats on the move. Austin is awesome.

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