Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ice Cream Parlor

Kaitlyn was turning 7 and Super-Mom (Melissa) wanted to throw a sleep-under to celebrate the occasion!

Are you curious what a sleep-under is..? Well, it's just like a sleep over... girls in pajamas, sleeping bags, movies, pizza, ice cream and presents... except at the end of the party, the girls go home. It's a great idea for girls that aren't quite at the age to be sleeping away from home-- and as it turns out, sleep-unders are ALL THE RAGE around here!

Melissa had EVERY detail planned out and called Poppy in to add some finishing touches. We were there to witness the squeals, screams and girly fun and let me tell you-- Melissa is one brave woman! Here are some pics of the party!

We created a "night under the stars" for the girls!

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