Saturday, June 15, 2013

MOO! Grace is TWO!

A few months ago we threw a Barnyard inspired theme party for little Grace, to celebrate her turning 2! Here are some pics of the day and the things we did!
Enormous cupcake for the birthday girl, compliments of the Poppy girls!
Custom favor bags 
Ribbon bunting for adult/ parents table

Pigs in a blanket on mini hay bales
We love glass milk bottles! They're kid approved, too!

Custom tags we made for their goody bags: "Thanks for coming to my party, partner!". Kids filled their bags with goodies from the sweets table: Goldfish Carrotts, Oreos, Apples and other yummy snacks!

Barn-shaped sandwiches!

Our infamous Spicy Chicken Rollups. These little guys are our most requested appetizer!
Adult/ Parents table

Children's Table

Grace's Birthday Boots
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Grace!
She did it!

Party Favors for the little buckaroos: Cowboy hats and handkerchiefs!

"Hay Bales"

Tractor Wheels
Custom Banner and Backdrop: "MOO! I'M TWO!"
Barn Frame Craft from Oriental Trading

Snacks for the adults! We loved our eggs in the jar! 
Goldfish in piping bags= CARROTS


  1. Aww, Happy Belated Birthday dear Grace! . It was so nice to see your birthday pictures. The event is well decorated and everything is just fabulous.

  2. how sweet! i really wish i would have been at that adorable child's part as i can guess it might have been a blast. i wish rhe child luck with all the upcomings in life. kudos! keep posting you are amazing